The butcher Gerth Th. Hansen was founded in 1970. At that time, as now, our business is based on the principle of honesty and decency.

We do not doubt that honesty pays off. Over the years, we have been able see the steadily growing number of our suppliers.

We lay great emphasis to a close, personal relationship and good cooperation with both our suppliers and customers. Our work in the bookkeeping department is characterized by a high degree of transparency – this way the farmer can always be sure that he gets the right and fair price for his product. It is crucial for us that others trust us. So, we say what we do, and do what we say.

The butcher Gerth Th. Hansen is a small private butchery based in Christiansfeld. We slaughter pigs, which we export to Germany. We buy the animals first and foremost from farmers in the immediate vicinity, in order to ensure as short a transport path as possible for the animals.

We also carry out slaughtering of pigs for private individuals / suppliers who wish to have their own animal slaughtered and delivered back to them.

In addition to our slaughter business, we have a small shop offering cold cuts and sausages for sale (opening times see above).

Peter Hansen